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Simple Calendar Widget Pro

1.29 usd

Functional on both phones and tablets, Simple Calendar Pro is the most popular and highest rated minimal calendar widget available. It integrates with your existing calendar to show upcoming appointments directly on your homescreen. It can show the weather, sports schedules, holidays, and more.***If you have the free version of Simple Calendar, we recommend that you uninstall it after installing Simple Calendar Pro.***
Features and Configuration Options Include:- Ad Free (only available in Pro)- Widgets can extend to the edges of the screen (only available in Pro)- Skins- Font style and background customization- Select which application opens on click- Fonts, colors, text size- Supports tasks using Dato and GTasks
F.A.Q- How do I place the widget on my homescreen?Long-press your homescreen, choose "widgets," find "Simple Calendar Widget," and drag it to the homescreen. On most Android 4.0 devices, widgets can be found under the "Widgets" tab in app drawer.
- I cant find Simple Calendar in my widget list!Try restarting your device.
- How do I resize the widget?Android 3.0+ supports resizing of widgets by default. For older Android versions this can be done by installing an alternate launcher.
- How do I show the weather forecast on the widget?On your desktop Google calendar, just add weather. For instructions, search Google for "Weather forecasts in your calendar".
- How do I add holidays, birthdays, or sports schedules?- Search Google for "Adding interesting dates to Google Calendar" and follow the instructions.
Permissions:READ CALENDAR: Access to the calendar informationWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Backup to SD card